In 2011 I completed my BSc in psychology and biology with emphasis in neuroscience from Tel Aviv university. Following my graduation I had worked for 3 years as a researcher in the Israel Defence Force’s department of behavioral sciences.  In 2014 I have joined Sagol School of neuroscience M.Sc program.

About my work: In my project I will try to corroborate our lab’s new method for altering human subjects’ preferences solely by attention manipulation. While this method had been well demonstrated in familiar “junk-food” items selection task, in my project I will try to generalize the effect and show a consistent, long lasting alteration of preferences for novel stimuli such as: human faces, computer-generated fractals images and more. In addition to behavioral experiments, I will attempt to uncover underlying plasticity processes in the human brain using functional and diffusion-based Magnetic Resonance Imaging techniques.