Our laboratory is focused on the study of the neural basis of behavior change. We are interested in the process of value construction, how values can be perturbed and changed and how these processes are manifested in the human brain. We study the multiple components of this process by designing novel behavioral paradigms and using converging research tools to analyze them. We use functional MRI, eye tracking and computational learning models to better understand human mental function and its underlying neural substrates. The lab currently focuses on studying the structural and functional plasticity underlying non-reinforced behavioral manipulations of snack food items in humans, as well as extending the scope of change to multiple domains of objects using other tools such as effort.


Students interested in the neural basis of learning and decision-making using sophisticated behavioral paradigms, gaze tracking and functional MRI are encouraged to contact Dr. Tom Schonberg schonberg@tauex.tau.ac.il. Please email a statement of research interests and CV.

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